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Below are some images from the research we have been undertaking.


Colonic Crypts (ACF)

The colonic crypts (the fingerlike projections seen here at also the the home page) are where the cells in the colon are created. As the cells age, they move up the colonic crypts to make room for new cells. We have developed functional data methods to understand how the cell age, i.e., where the cells are in the colonic crpyts, affects such phenotypes as apoptosis (programmed cell depth), DNA adduct levels and the MGMT repair enzyme.

Colonic Crypts (ACF)

Here is another image of colonic crypts. The cells that are stained green are undergoing apoptosis, while the cells that are stained red are differentiating.

Abberant Colonic Crypts (ACF)

The distended dark raised regions are ACF, which are damaged colonic crypts. The ACF are precursors to colon cancer. We have been working on understanding where the peaks of the ACF lie on the colon, and whether different diets can lessen the number of ACF.

Calcium Ion Signaling Videos

Calcium ion signaling without exposure to TCDD

Calcium ion signaling with exposure to TCDD

Proteins in Action